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Identifying children with language comprehension difficulties

The preschool years are critical in children’s language development. We are developing an assessment that can be used to identify children that have language comprehension difficulties so that they can get the support they need at an early age.

Child reading story book

The LURI Assessment

The LURI Assessment is a researcher-developed test. It consists of 11 short stories with three to five associated questions. The stories include engaging themes (such as food, emotions, animals, and special occasions), and different vocabulary. The items have different levels of difficulties and the answers require a combination of recall and inferences.

  • 11 short stories
  • 3-5 questions for each story
  • A total of 42 items
  • Recall and inference

To administer, have an adult read the stories. After each story, the adult asks questions about the story they just read.

Available in 3 languages

The test is available in English, Norwegian and Chinees. The tests are tailored to the different language cultures.